DIY Pantry Labels

DIY Pantry Labels

Now that the interior of the pantry was complete, I could take on the task of organization – not really my forte. Since I had spent SO much time in the evenings scrolling through Pinterest and getting some storage ideas, the next big task was shopping for the right containers.

Hobby Lobby has great glass containers that are fun and fit any style. I headed there first to find cute jars for candy, snacks and anything that is in its own packaging. (50% off deal day friends!!) I didn’t want to put my baking goods in anything that wasn’t airtight. I learned that TJ Maxx usually has a selection of containers that are airtight for a decent price. Each one was between $8 and $12 so I decided to check Walmart first.

Walmart sells one type of container, and you can get 4 in a set for $15. So I grabbed that. Washed them, put my flour in them, and guess what? The seal would not allow me to close the lid securely unless I fiddled with it EACH time I removed it and replaced it.  Maybe you could live with that – and if you can, I give you big props. But in my world, No, No, Definitely Not. I guess that’s what you get for $15… I ventured back to TJ Maxx to get the better ones.

You can guess what happened next… Cute canisters require cute labels! Out comes my Silhouette. I didn’t care to take the time to design my own labels, so luckily I was able to download these ones from Cori’s site at “hey let’s make stuff”.  Aren’t they fantastic? Free download on her site. You may not find everything you can think of for your pantry needs with these labels, but I have to say, it’s a pretty darn good list of options.

If you don’t have a Silhouette or Vinyl Cutting Machine, you can find cute labels in various shapes online for great prices or on Etsy.