Fun with Eggs

Fun with Eggs

Easter always means a bit of fun with family and egg decorating, thus the title, Fun With Eggs! Our kids are traditionalists – so every year, even though I feel a bit like, do we have to decorate eggs? etc, because my kids are older – they get pretty grumpy if we don’t. Hopefully, they maintain their enthusiasm when they have their own kids 🙂

This year was no different. I dragged out the three boxes of egg color kits I purchased on clearance last Easter, hard-boiled a few dozen eggs and set up the table for the mess that was certainly to come. Unfortunately, two of our boys were at work during the festivities, but our eldest and his girlfriend made a special trip to town to spend some quality time with us.

I always buy organic brown eggs for our home and I love the beautiful speckling and colors of eggs. They remind me of being on the farm as a kid and I think they taste better too! So, feeling inspired, I pulled out a few things and took a quick pic of this for my Easter Instagram photo. Simple, farmhouse-like and spring-driven!

For egg dying, we did a few different things. First, we had a golden coloring kit that was basically gold paint with a sponge to apply to eggs, which also included the color tablets.

We used some fancy port wine glasses for the tablets, water, and vinegar. Usually, we use the plastic egg cups, but we decided we could be fancy and see the eggs in the dye better this way too. One of the dye sets had color crystals and baggies. The idea was to get the egg wet then put it in the baggie and sprinkle in some crystals. It worked okay, but CJ had the idea to lay out paper towels and apply the crystals then wrap the wet egg and let it sit. This resulted in a unique tie-dye egg. We had a fun Easter Sunday, and all in all, I enjoyed coloring the eggs and didn’t have to hide any of them. I will look forward to doing that again someday when we have little grandchildren to hide them for!!