Oak Table Restoration

Oak Table Restoration

Today this lovely table and chairs set went home with an updated look!!

When our lovely friends set out to find a table and chair set a few months ago, they wanted something solid, with leaf extensions that allowed seating for their large family. What they found was a beautiful oak double pedestal table and six chairs that were a major steal. The table top had some water damage, and they asked for a dark top. While I had some concern about the existing damage and discoloration, we forged onward crossing our fingers that the finish turned out well.

To begin the project, we removed the old 80’s (or older?) stain, then sanded, sanded, repaired and sanded some more. The bottom was painted with Dixie Bell Buttercream using a brush dipped in water. I applied three coats. The top was stained with two coats of Minwax Coffee Gel Stain. To ensure that the stain matched across the entire table, we put the leaves in as the picture above shows. I had to work somewhat quickly to ensure that I got a good wipe in on the whole piece without leaving any stroke lines or smudges. I love how well gel stain finishes! We ended up with a rich deep color that hides the water damage pretty well and has varying degrees of color.

To seal and protect this table I applied three thin coats of water-based poly, using a fine fine sanding in between each coat. I appreciate being able to clean my brushes with warm water and soap rather than harsh chemicals. To be honest, I have never used a non-water based poly where my brushes didn’t end up in the garbage, no matter how diligent I am with them.

Painting ChairsAfter a Mini vacay, we spent hours sanding the chairs by hand. This is our least favorite part of the project. Does anyone enjoy refinishing dining chairs?  Come on, be honest…

We chose to paint the chairs and stain the seats the same as the table top. We taped off each of the seats and around the bottom of each spindle to protect them from the paint. Next, we spray painted the chairs with Dixie Bell ButterCream chalk paint. Break out the paint sprayer! Painting these lovely spindly chairs with a brush would not be my idea of a good time. You know what I’m talking about right?

Once the paint was thoroughly dry, we carefully removed all the tape from the seats and taped around the base of each spindle to keep the stain off the painted finish. I gel stained each seat and applied three coats of poly.

Finally, we rubbed down the backs, legs and table base with clear wax and gently dusted with Dixie dirt in all the right places. We think they turned out beautifully and luckily so do the happy family!  There is so much joy in bringing out the beauty in older pieces. So blessed!!

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  • I have nothing but positive to say about this company. They are so talented, Merideth and Adam have refinished my dining room table and we are loving it! They also built a barn door for my basement that we love! I am always so surprised at how great their communication is and how quick the turn around on my projects are. I would recommend them for any of your home decor projects.