Bathroom Towel Rack with Shelves

Bathroom Towel Rack with Shelves

Handy Hubs here,

Never a Dull moment at our house. We are always making something, up-cycling or remodeling. Well, this one fits in the remodel category.

Its been 3 years since our oldest has moved out of the house, now it is time to take over his remaining space in the home. the downstairs bathroom. ( We already took his room. like 2 weeks after he moved out).

Towel Rack ShelfTo go with that remodel, I built a new towel rack with shelves that hangs over the toilet and next to the sink. It will be nice to walk into one of our bathrooms and have hand towels!

I made two of these for one of our customers, ( they were standing ones) and thought I have enough stuff left lets build another one!

Wife, The lovely Ms. Merideth, and my Sister-in-law were talking about variations that they saw and said cut the legs off, hang it and put a towel bar in… Well here we go!

This definitely made use of otherwise blank space.

Interested in custom towel rack and shelves to fill your empty space? Give us a shout!