Welcome To Tumbleweed

Welcome To Tumbleweed

Hi friends! Welcome to Tumbleweed

Hi! I am MeridethI’m Merideth, the creator of Tumbleweed. Thank you for taking the time to visit me here.  Tumbleweed is a blog centered around my passion for creating unique furniture and decor pieces for the home.  I mostly enjoy working with scrap wood, pallets, and existing furniture pieces that I can bring new life to.

I love DIY, and typically when I see something that I like, I say, “Hey! I can do that!!”  Inevitably, that means my darling husband Adam is going to be right there along side me. Whether we are building furniture pieces, upcycling old relics from our local favorite second hand stops, or remodeling areas of our home, or helping out family and friends with their home improvements – we are constantly busy.

We have been blessed to live in the same home for over ten years where we raise two amazing boys. One is attending college in a nearby town and visits most weekends, while the young son is enjoying the ups and downs of middle school. While we don’t have the farm house that we have always dreamed of, our home is still an animal house. With three fur babies and a leopard gecko, life is never boring.

Blessed to both have full time jobs that we love, our projects bring in a little something extra to aid in our remodeling ventures. We enjoy sharing about our home improvements (DIY) and other adventures in our blog and hope that you enjoy them as well. With each project we undertake we learn something new!

Thanks for visiting, and we look forward to your comments and feedback and hopefully you will share with us your own creations!!

Merideth & Adam